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  • Aug 04 2022

    Dogust 4th is International Assistance Dog Day!

    LifeLearn Team |

    Dogust (a.k.a. August) 4th marks International Assistance Dog Day – a day to recognize assistance dogs and their dedicated caregivers and trainers, and to help educate the public about the important role they all play…

  • Jul 28 2022

    Could Your Pet Be a Life-Saving Hero?

    LifeLearn Team |

    Yohann, a three-legged rescue greyhound from Scotland, was recently recognized for saving the lives of 64 dogs. He doesn’t have any superpowers—he is a blood donor. Pets, like people, may…

  • Jul 21 2022

    Blue-Green Algae: Danger Lurking in the Water

    LifeLearn Team |

    It’s HOT out! Heat waves seem like the best time to take the pooch to a pond, lake, river, or stream, where she can get some exercise while staying cool…

  • Jul 14 2022

    High Tech for Pets: Friend or Foe?

    LifeLearn Team |

    The pet technology industry is booming. In 2021, it generated USD 1.41 billion in revenue and is expected to rise to USD 3.65 billion by 2030. While some features can…

  • Jul 07 2022

    The Veterinary Workforce is in Crisis

    LifeLearn Team |

    You may have recently noticed that wait times for veterinary appointments, emergency care, and prescription refills are getting longer. This is because the veterinary workforce is in crisis. While the…

  • Jun 30 2022

    Help Your Pup Keep His Cool This Summer

    LifeLearn Team |

    Summer is here and that means long, warm, sunny days to spend with our pups outside! Just as we take our own summer safety precautions like wearing sunscreen and staying…

  • Jun 23 2022

    Senior Pets: When “Slowing Down” is More Serious

    LifeLearn Team |

    As our pets enter their “golden years” we often presume they will start “slowing down”, with longer naps and shorter play sessions. While some of these changes are normal and…

  • Jun 16 2022

    How To Avoid Online Pet Scams

    LifeLearn Team |

    Whether looking for a purebred puppy or an exotic parrot, online scams are out there, attracting people with too-good-to-be-true prices and direct-to-home shipping offers. All the while, the animal either…

  • Jun 10 2022

    Summer Road Trip Tips

    LifeLearn Team |

    Summer vacation is almost here! The big question is, are you prepared to travel with your pet this summer? Some vacations are well-suited to include your furry friend, but it’s important to keep…

  • Jun 02 2022

    Homeless Cats Are Hidden Healthcare Workers

    LifeLearn Team |

    If you’re reading this, you’re likely an animal lover who already knows that life is better with pets! In fact, research to understand the ways pets can impact their owners’…