• Oct 19 2017

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    Veterinary Technician/Veterinary Nurse Appreciation Week

    Veterinary Technicians, also referred to as Veterinary Nurses in Australia and the United Kingdom, play a vital role in your pet’s health. Without Veterinary Technicians, veterinary practices would…

  • Oct 12 2017

    National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

    This year, October 11th marks National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Many us spend countless hours worrying about the health of our pets, but many of our pets are overweight or obese. “What’s one…

  • Oct 05 2017

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    National Animal Safety and Protection Month

    This year has brought severe weather to many parts of the globe. Whether it was forest fires in western North America, hurricanes in the southern United States, heat waves in Europe and the United…

  • Sep 28 2017

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    World Rabies Day

    September 28th is an important day for animal health. Not only is this date set aside annually to raise awareness about rabies prevention, but it also marks the anniversary of Louis Pasteur’s death…

  • Sep 21 2017

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    Celebrating Deaf Dog Awareness Week

    September 24-30th marks Deaf Dog Awareness Week. This initiative was started by PetFinder to spread awareness about owning a deaf dog. Although temporary, partial, or full (both ears) deafness can…

  • Sep 14 2017

    September is Happy Cat Month!

    September is Happy Cat Month and a good time to check that we are providing an environment that ensures a happy kitty! …

  • Sep 07 2017

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    Responsible Pet Ownership

    Different countries around the world celebrate “Responsible Pet Ownership” at different times of the year and in different ways, but the bottom line of all these celebrations is to educate the…